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Burgau Things To Do: Local Culture & Entertainment

Burgau is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and is filled with a rich historic fisherman culture that presents itself throughout the village. With tons of restaurants, open markets, festivals, neighboring surf competitions, and so many local attractions, it's ideal for those looking for a beach getaway! 


Annual events in Burgau and surrounding areas

  • 24th of March - Festa de Nossa Senhora da Encarnação in Raposeira

  • 7th, 8th, 21st and 22nd August - Barão de S. Miguel festivals

  • 20th, 21st, 22nd August - Burgau festival

  • 2nd weekend in September - Annual festival and fair in Raposeira

  • Almond Sweet Market

Local Attractions*

- Lagos-just 15 min from Burgau! 

- Lagos Zoo

- Zoomarine

- Castles

     + Sagres Fortress

     + Cape S. VicenteFortress

     + Baleeira Fort

     + Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceicao

- The historic city of Silves  (former capital of Algarve) 

- Monchique - Madronho - hillside village

- Capital Lisbon two and a half hour drive



-Folk dancing


    + Reis

    + Burgau Beach Bar

    + Ancora

    + Spice Cottage Burgau

    + Casa Padaria Pizza

    + Caravela

    + Esquina Restaurante


- Burgau beach 

- World famous beaches 

- Surfing

- Horseback riding

- Dolphin Watching & Boat Cruises

- Slide and Splash Water park

- Deep sea fishing  

- Water sports     

- Kite surfing


- Pottery and local ceramics

- Fish markets

- Almond sweets festival

- Farmers Markets

Local Markets: 

   + Lagos: 1st Saturday of the month 

   +Sagres: 1st Friday of the month

   + Vila do Bispo: 1st Thursday of the month

   + Odiáxere: 4th Monday of the month 

   + Raposeira: 1st Wednesday of the month

   + Barão de São Miguel: 1st Monday of the month

​   + Barão de S. João Flea: 4th Sunday of the month 

   + Chinicato: 2nd Sunday of the month

   + Budens: 1st Tuesday of each month 

* Please ask Sally for any specific recommendations about Burgau attractions and the surrounding areas! 

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