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Praia da Figuera

Burgau Beach

This has been one of our most favorite beaches since we arrived in the Algarve in the 70's. Other than a few more people discovering it, not much has changed.  It still remains one of the most beautiful beaches in the Southern Algarve.  When the tide is low you can swim around to find hidden beaches.  You might encounter the odd nude sunbather.  


15 minute drive from Casa Grande

We are luck to have such a beautiful beach just a few minutes walk from Casa Grande.  The calm Atlantic and gently sloping sand into shallow water, are especially sheltered by the rocky hillside.  This makes Praia do Burgau particularly attractive for families.  It has an excellent beach bar and you can rent sun beds and shades along with some peddle boats

5 minute walk from Casa Grande

Praia da Arrifana Surf Beach

Surrounded by rugged rocky scenery and protected from the north wind, which is prevalent on the western Algarve, Praia da Arrifana offers the ideal conditions for a wonderful day surfing or swimming in the cool water of the Atlantic.  People come from all parts of the globe to surf this break

30 minute drive from Casa Grande

Secret Beachs & Cliff Top Walks 

Straight up and over the hill infront of Casa Grande.  There is a hidden path by the large allow plant that lead you down to a secret pebble beach. As small children the four of us would dissapera to this beach and play all day in the tide pools and rock formations.  You can also walk along the cliff top to the neighboring village of Luz. 

5 min walk from the house

Praia Dona Ana

Well-known for its spectacular rock formations, caves and grottos, Praia Dona Ana, to the south of the Portuguese coastal town of Lagos, is a wonderful place to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. The breathtaking scenery and rock formations continues underwater and is perfect for Snorkelers and a boat tour of the cathedrals of light


15 minute drive from Casa Grande

Praia do Amado

The one kilometer stretch of golden sandy beach of Praia do Amado is one of the hotspots for surfing on Portugal's Atlantic coast.  Amidst the raw nature you will find ideal conditions for riding waves all year round.  You can hire equipment from either of the two surf schools on the beach and participate in various courses aimed at beginners, pros, children and adults.  Along with the surf schools there is one of our favorite beach bars that is a must try.

30 minute drive for Casa Grande

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